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The activities of the Alliance –offering tours, lectures, presentations and events like Sauk Prairie Day; producing and distributing educational materials; undertaking on-site prairie restoration, and much more – have been made possible through the generous donations of our members. Please consider making a donation to support our vision of a collaborative, conservation-oriented reuse of the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant on the original Sauk Prairie.

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** 20th Anniversary Celebration on May 17th- $25/member, $35/non-member.  You may pay online, but must provide us with all contact information (check “Share my address with the Alliance”) and provide e-mail and phone number for primary contact to be registered for the event.

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SPECIAL, to celebrate our 20th!!  Limited edition signed prints of Victor Bakhtin’s painting, Sauk Prairie Remembered: A Vision for the Future (see below), are available for a donation of $100 or more in 2018. Members joining or renewing at the $50 level or higher may receive a poster of Bakhtin’s work and offer gift memberships to up to three persons.  (Use printable Donation Card, above.)

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Sauk Prairie Remembered: A Vision for the Future (Artist: Victor Bahktin)

Sauk Prairie Remembered: A Vision for the Future (Artist: Victor Bahktin)