Event: Autumn Tour at Schluckebier Sand Prairie

Autumn Tour at Schluckebier Sand Prairie

Fourth in the Monthly Phenology Tour Series by The Prairie Enthusiasts

Middle September is a gorgeous time of year to explore remnants of our original prairie landscape.  Temperatures have cooled and the landscape is beginning to turn gold and scarlet.  Come see beautiful displays of various goldenrods and asters at the peak of bloom.  We may also see stunning indigo colored gentians hiding amongst stands of pinkish little bluestem.  Schluckebier is a TPE-owned State Natural Area (No. 541) that represents a tiny fraction of the once 14,000-acre Sauk Prairie.  Because it occurs on well-drained glacial outwash sands, it classified as a ‘sand prairie’.  From summer through fall, this remnant supports an excellent diversity of prairie species, including rare plants and insects.

Phenology is the study of tracking plant and animal cycles that are influenced by seasonal changes.  Join us for one of our monthly phenological visits to Schluckebier throughout the rest of the growing season.  We will observe changes each month by noting what plants are in flower and we’ll discuss how yearly weather variation provides opportunity for a variety of species to thrive.  Easy, rolling terrain.

Time: 1 – 3 pm   Trip Leaders:  Brandon Mann (westboundb@yahoo, 413-427-4099) and Alison Duff (, 608-408-4826)

Directions: From the intersection of Hwy 12 and County PF west of Sauk City, go west on PF 1.5 miles to a small dirt lane and parking area south of the road.