Event: Badger Volunteer Restoration Day

Badger Volunteer Restoration Day

This Saturday, June 10th, is our next workday! We will be at Hillside Prairie pulling remaining dame’s rocket and beginning to remove Japanese hedge parsley. We will also be prepping an area for future seeding by removing woody debris. If there are sufficient volunteers and time we will begin brush cutting on top of the ridge.

Please arrive at the main gate at 8:45am to depart for the site at 9. Dress appropriately as it will truly be summer weather. Long sleeve wicking shirt and long pants, boots, and gloves are still strongly encouraged since there are ticks, poison ivy, wild parsnip, and brambles on the property but dress to your comfort level. There will be plenty of water available.

If you have any questions, call Bob at (815) 219 1178. See you there!