Event: Maa Wakacak Land Management


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Randy oversees multiple environmental programs including the EPA Clean Water Act Section 106, EPA Clean Air Act Section 103 and EPA CERCLA Section 128a programs.  He is also responsible for programs and projects related to invasive species management, stormwater, NEPA compliance, permitting and environmental assessment of development on tribal land. Randy provides support and guidance to leadership on environmental issues and serves on multiple boards and committees to assure the Ho-Chunk territory is protected for future generations of the Ho-Chunk People.

Description: Randy will provide a background and update on activities that have occurred at Maa Wakacak (Ho-Chunk Badger lands) since the transfer occurred in December 2014. He will speak to the obstacles the Nation has overcome, and those that still exist, and the success the tribe has had related to invasive species management, prairie restoration, outreach and education and cooperative research.