Event: Monarch Larva Monitoring Training


Become A Monarch Larva Monitor: Volunteer to Collect Long-Term Data on Larval Monarchs!

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Participants in the program volunteer to monitor a particular site on the Badger Lands — following a standard protocol. Through a live online training, volunteers learn how to identify milkweed as well as the eggs, caterpillars and pupae of monarch butterflies. They also learn about the monarch’s annual cycle of breeding, migrating and overwintering.

This project helps scientists better understand how and why monarch populations are changing. As of 2015, project participants had monitored almost 1,100 sites in 43 states and three Canadian provinces, along with the Mexican state of Jalisco. Data provided by citizen scientists have allowed the scientific community to track the health of monarch populations and the habitats they depend on.

If you are interested in monitoring please contact becca: or register for our training by clicking here. If you register to monitor this season, you will receive email updates about trainings and other important monitoring information.

What do volunteer monarch larva monitors do?

  • Experience: No prior experience is necessary to volunteer.
  • What volunteers monitor: Each year, volunteers record when milkweed plants first come out of the ground and how many are present at the site they are monitoring. Then, on a weekly basis, they record the number of eggs and caterpillars they see on the milkweed.
  • Time Commitment: Attend one day long live webinar spring training. Volunteers must visit their sites once a week during the milkweed growing season. Site visits usually take about an hour.
  • Location of Sites: Volunteers are assigned to a Badger Land site. There are usually several to choose from.
  • Equipment Needs: No equipment is necessary. SPCA provides all monitoring equipment.
  • Training: There will be several trainings in June. Monarch Joint Venture hosts several monitoring live webinar trainings in the spring. At these trainings, volunteers learn Monarch Larva Monitoring protocols
  • For your viewing pleasure: Here is a link to a great video series created for the monarch larva monitoring project. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view YouTube videos of what you will be monitoring as a volunteer monitor:

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