Event: Monarch Butterflies featured in April “We Are Sauk Prairie Series”

Monarch Butterflies featured in April “We Are Sauk Prairie Series”

Join us on Thursday, April 19 for a fascinating presentation on the status and conservation of Monarch Butterflies by a renowned Monarch scientist.  Program is free and open to the public.  Refreshments provided.

“Dwindling numbers for the iconic Monarch Butterfly: A conservation biologist ponders moving beyond the documentation of declines” by Dr. Karen Oberhauser, Director, University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum

Where:  Ruth Culver Community Library, 540 Water Street, Prairie du Sac

When: 6:30pm

Monarch butterfly populations have been declining over the last 20 years. Because insect numbers are notoriously difficult to assess, and because they often show large year to year fluctuations, simply documenting this decline has been a challenge. It is now important to move beyond simple documentation and toward responding to the challenge posed by monarch conservation, and insect conservation in general. Monarchs are negatively impacted by many human activities, particularly habitat degradation and loss, pesticide use, climate change, invasive species, and pathogen spread. Dr. Oberhauser will describe the amazing biology of migratory monarch populations, and the work of citizens and scientists in documenting monarch numbers at all stages of their migratory cycle.  She will discuss threats to monarchs, and potential responses to these threats. Because conservation biology is a science of hope, Oberhauser will focus is on positive changes as well as the challenges.

The “We Are Sauk Prairie” series is sponsored by a grant from Alliant Energy Foundation.