Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance hosts a series of webinars sponsored by the Alliant Energy Foundation related to the Badger Lands.

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Recorded March 18, 2021

A Rare Achievement:  Looking Back on the Badger Reuse Plan at 20!

Curt Meine & Mike Mossman, founding members of the Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance

Curt is a conservation biologist, environmental historian, and writer based in Sauk County. He serves as a Senior Fellow with the Aldo Leopold Foundation and the Center for Humans and Nature; as a Research Associate with the International Crane Foundation; and as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Mike Mossman grew up in Baraboo with the “powder plant” a big influence on the community and his family. When it closed, he eagerly joined the effort to transform the site, not anticipating how the process would transform that community, and him. An ecologist and historian who helped form several Sauk County organizations including the Badger History Group and the Sauk County Conservation Network, Mike continues to study the human and natural history of the Badgerlands and their surroundings.

Description: In 2001 the future of the decommissioned Badger Army Ammunition Plant was uncertain, and a topic of heated discussion in Sauk County and beyond.  Through a federal grant, the county took the lead in forming the 21-member Badger Reuse Committee.  Meeting over a nine-month period, the committee ultimately (and to the surprise of many) came together to craft a consensus report, the “Badger Reuse Plan.”  The plan provided the foundation for all that has followed through the transfer and transformation of the Badgerlands. Curt Meine and Mike Mossman both served on the BRC and will share the story of the committee’s work.  (And don’t be surprised if some special guests also zoom in!)